For Employees

Complete Service is a company that was founded to support people leaving for work in France and Belgium. We are a part of the HRBC Group, which unites recruitment, consulting and outsourcing companies. Thanks to it, we have not only a huge experience related to recruitment abroad, but also with all logistics, which is associated with the trip and return of the employee. We decided to convert this experience and the team’s commitment to be a company whose main goal is to help people leaving for work abroad. Our motivation are the people whom we help every day!


For Clients

We are also a company that provides outsourcing logistics and production processes, i.a. in the food, construction, production, and service industries. We guarantee services at the highest level. We provide our clients with long-term satisfaction from cooperation and thanks to experienced and motivated employees we support our clients in production and logistics processes saving their time and money.

What do you gain as an Employee?

What do you gain as a Client?

Check what support you can count on!

For Employees

We will help You with logistics of departure, stay and return
  • we will help you buy the right tickets
  • we will help you find accommodation
  • we will help you learn about the city’s topography
  • we will help you navigate public transport efficiently
  • we will help you rent a car
  • we will help you to get to medical examinations, to the office, to the bank and not only
  • we will help you to terminate the contract correctly
  • we will help you properly renew your insurance in Poland
everyday life
  • we will help you set up a bank account
  • we will help you translate documents, prescriptions and even websites
  • we will help you make an appointment with a specialist
  • we will help you look after your professional career, constantly informing you about your rights and obligations as an employee
settlement of the PIT tax return obtaining an insurance number (Carte Vitale) in France
  • we will help you collect the necessary documentation
  • we will help you properly connect Carte Vitale to RIB numbers
  • we will help you get Carte Vitale into your hands

For Clients

We offer to our clients:
  • outsourcing of employee teams at the customer's production facility
  • production line outsourcing
  • warehouse space outsourcing
  • recruitment of employeesy
  • employee accommodation
  • comprehensive accounting services
  • administration of formalities related to the employment of qualified employees from Central and Eastern Europe


Do you want to work abroad?
You’ve come to the right place!

Do you want to work in France or Belgium, but you are afraid that you can’t deal with
formalities and everyday life?
Do you think that without a translator, lawyer and accountant, you can’t make it?
Take advantage of our experience.
Thanks to us, you will get constant help, care and support at every stage of your trip.
A professional and friendly team of specialists is waiting for you.
You can contact us by phone and e-mail.
We are at your disposal during the week from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on weekends!

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